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Search Results Screen

Once you enter search terms and click Search or press the Enter key, PubMed will retrieve and display the results.

Let's take a quick look at how PubMed displays the results of the search:

  • The retrieved citations are displayed in the Summary format. This includes the author, title, and source information. [Show Me]
    Note: Retrieval of a single citation is displayed in Abstract format
  • Results are displayed in batches of 20. [Show Me]
  • Filters create subsets of your results.
    • Use the sidebar Filters to apply filters to your results. [Show Me]
    • Modify or create your own Filters in My NCBI by clicking Manage Filters [Show Me]
  • The Search details shows you how PubMed translated your search. [Show Me]
  • The right "Discovery" column may vary by search and over time. It may include suggested searches, subsets of your search results, and links to information in PubMed and other databases that is related to your search. [Show Me] Collapse any section by clicking the down arrow. [Show Me]

This is how PubMed initially displays the retrieval. You can modify the display in various ways, including by changing your default settings using My NCBI Preferences.

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