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Send to Clipboard

The Clipboard lets you temporarily collect selected citations for later action.

Click the Steps to run the demonstration.

To add citations to the Clipboard:

  • Step 1: Click on the check box to the left of the citation.
  • Step 2: Select Clipboard from the Send To menu.
  • Step 3: Click Add to Clipboard.

Notice that:

  • Once a citation has been added to the Clipboard:

    • A note appears below it in your search results: "Item in Clipboard." [Show Me]
    • A link to the Clipboard appears in the right column. [Show Me]
    • A link to the Clipboard appears on the PubMed home page. [Show Me]

  • The Clipboard can collect up to 500 citations.
  • If you Send to Clipboard without making selections, PubMed will add the entire retrieval (up to 500 citations) to the clipboard.
  • The Clipboard will be lost after 8 hours of inactivity.
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