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Outside Tool

Outside Tool allows libraries to place a link to their online subscriptions and other holdings information on all PubMed records.

Use My NCBI to find out if your library uses Outside Tool and to set up links on your PubMed results pages.

  • Click on My NCBI. (Register and sign in if you haven't already.) [Show Me]

  • Go to NCBI Site Preferences. [Show Me]

  • Under PubMed Preferences, click Outside Tool. [Show Me]

  • Browse for your library name or use your browser's Find function to search for it. [Show Me]

  • Select the library and click Save. [Show Me]

Once activated, the Outside Tool link will appear on the abstract display of all PubMed records. Click the icon to access the full text (or learn how to access the full text) from your library. [Show Me]


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