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Check Tags

Human, Male, Female, & In Vitro


Used for any article that involves a human being.


Used for both humans and animals. Use the check tags denoting sex even when the concept is inherently male or female. For example articles with the term PROSTATE, must have the check tag MALE.


The check tag IN VITRO is used to distinguish studies, which are performed outside the body, from those that are performed within the body. This check tag is not used for studies that are inherently "in vitro", such as cultured cells, cultures of microorganisms, or studies of non-living materials. It is also not used for studies where the intervention was done in the body, but its effects were studied outside the body.

Example: The effect of adenosine on rat hippocampal slices.
This study requires the check tag IN VITRO, because the entire study was done outside the intact body.

On the other hand, if adenosine was administered to intact rats, which were then sacrificed, the hippocampus removed, and effects of adenosine were observed, then this study does not need the check tag IN VITRO.


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