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MeSH HeadingAndrology
Tree NumberG02.403.059
Scope NoteA scientific or medical discipline concerning the study of male reproductive biology, diseases of the male genital organs, and male infertility. Major areas of interest include ENDOCRINOLOGY; SPERMATOGENESIS; semen analysis; FERTILIZATION; CONTRACEPTION; and CRYOPRESERVATION.
See AlsoUrology
Allowable QualifiersCL EC ED ES HI IS LJ MA MT OG SN ST TD
Entry VersionANDROL
Previous Indexing Infertility, Male (1965-2002)
History Note2003; use UROLOGY 1992-2002
Unique IDD033441

MeSH Tree Structures

Health Occupations [G02]
   Medicine [G02.403]
Adolescent Medicine [G02.403.028]
Andrology [G02.403.059]
Behavioral Medicine [G02.403.090]
Clinical Medicine [G02.403.200]  +
Community Medicine [G02.403.220]
Epidemiology [G02.403.290]  +
Genetics, Medical [G02.403.388]
Geriatrics [G02.403.398]
Medicine, Herbal [G02.403.428]
Military Medicine [G02.403.458]
Naval Medicine [G02.403.478]  +
Osteopathic Medicine [G02.403.500]
Psychiatry [G02.403.642]  +
Social Medicine [G02.403.720]
Specialties, Medical [G02.403.776]  +
Specialties, Surgical [G02.403.810]  +
Sports Medicine [G02.403.830]
Telemedicine [G02.403.840]  +
Traumatology [G02.403.850]
Tropical Medicine [G02.403.919]

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