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MeSH HeadingEgo
Tree NumberF01.752.747.189
Tree NumberF02.739.794.206
Annotationno qualif; egocentrism: index DEFENSE MECHANISMS
Scope NoteThe conscious portion of the personality structure which serves to mediate between the demands of the primitive instinctual drives, (the id), of internalized parental and social prohibitions or the conscience, (the superego), and of reality.
Entry TermSelf
See AlsoSelf Psychology
Previous Indexing Defense Mechanisms (1966-1967)
Previous Indexing Personality (1966-1967)
Previous Indexing Psychoanalytic Theory (1966-1967)
Online Noteuse EGO to search SELF 1969-75 & SELF CONCEPT 1966-68
History Note68; SELF was heading 1965-68, was see under PERSONALITY 1963-64
Unique IDD004532

MeSH Tree Structures

Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms [F01]
   Personality [F01.752]
      Personality Development [F01.752.747]
Ego [F01.752.747.189]
Reality Testing [F01.752.747.189.508]
Extraversion (Psychology) [F01.752.747.246]
Id [F01.752.747.347]
Identification (Psychology) [F01.752.747.385]  +
Identity Crisis [F01.752.747.423]
Individuation [F01.752.747.466]
Introversion (Psychology) [F01.752.747.511]
Moral Development [F01.752.747.616]
Psychosexual Development [F01.752.747.722]  +
Self Concept [F01.752.747.792]  +
Superego [F01.752.747.859]
Type A Personality [F01.752.747.880]
Unconscious (Psychology) [F01.752.747.930]

Psychological Phenomena and Processes [F02]
   Psychological Theory [F02.739]
      Psychoanalytic Theory [F02.739.794]
Ego [F02.739.794.206]
Reality Testing [F02.739.794.206.508]
Extraversion (Psychology) [F02.739.794.253]
Freudian Theory [F02.739.794.297]
Id [F02.739.794.371]
Inhibition (Psychology) [F02.739.794.405]
Introversion (Psychology) [F02.739.794.438]
Jungian Theory [F02.739.794.471]
Libido [F02.739.794.511]
Narcissism [F02.739.794.582]
Object Attachment [F02.739.794.624]  +
Oedipus Complex [F02.739.794.653]
Pleasure-Pain Principle [F02.739.794.746]
Psychosexual Development [F02.739.794.793]  +
Self Psychology [F02.739.794.837]
Superego [F02.739.794.881]
Unconscious (Psychology) [F02.739.794.942]

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