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MeSH HeadingHeterosexuality
Tree NumberF01.145.802.975.400
Tree NumberG08.520.950.975.400
Scope NoteThe sexual attraction or relationship between members of the opposite SEX.
Entry TermHeterosexuals
Allowable QualifiersCL DE EH ES HI PH PX RE SN
History Note98; use SEXUALITY 1997; use SEX BEHAVIOR 1990-96
Unique IDD020010

MeSH Tree Structures

Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms [F01]
   Behavior [F01.145]
      Sexual Behavior [F01.145.802]
         Sexuality [F01.145.802.975]
Bisexuality [F01.145.802.975.200]
Heterosexuality [F01.145.802.975.400]
Homosexuality [F01.145.802.975.500]  +

Reproductive and Urinary Physiology [G08]
   Reproduction [G08.520]
      Sexual Behavior [G08.520.950]
         Sexuality [G08.520.950.975]
Bisexuality [G08.520.950.975.200]
Heterosexuality [G08.520.950.975.400]
Homosexuality [G08.520.950.975.500]  +

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