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MeSH HeadingMachiavellianism
Tree NumberF01.752.650
Annotationno qualif
Scope NoteA personality dimension characterized by the manipulation of others.
Entry TermManipulation, Psychological
Entry TermManipulation, Psychologic
Entry TermPsychological Manipulation
Previous Indexing Authoritarianism (1966-1978)
Previous Indexing Personality (1966-1978)
History Note91(79); was see under PERSONALITY 1979-90
Unique IDD008257

MeSH Tree Structures

Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms [F01]
   Personality [F01.752]
Assertiveness [F01.752.049]
Authoritarianism [F01.752.098]
Character [F01.752.190]
Creativeness [F01.752.264]
Dependency (Psychology) [F01.752.330]
Empathy [F01.752.355]
Individuality [F01.752.488]
Intelligence [F01.752.543]
Leadership [F01.752.609]
Machiavellianism [F01.752.650]
Negativism [F01.752.698]
Personality Development [F01.752.747]  +
Temperament [F01.752.898]

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