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chrome alum
Name of Substancechrome alum
Record TypeC
CAS Type 1 Namesulfuric acid, chromium(3+) potassium salt (2:1:1)
Registry Number10141-00-1
Related Number7788-99-0 (dodecahydrate)
Entry Termchromalum
Entry Termchrome alum, dodecahydrate
Entry Termchromic potassium sulfate
Entry Termchromic potassium sulfate dodecahydrate
Heading Mapped to*Sulfates
Heading Mapped to*Chromium Compounds
Heading Mapped to*Potassium Compounds
Previous Indexing* CHROMIUM (79-93)
SourceStain Technol 53(6):311;1979
NoteRN given refers to K salt; gallocyanine-chrome alum isused as a nuclear stain to quantitate nucleic acids
Date of Entry19790101
Revision Date20000815
Unique IDC020720

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