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Name of Substancedaunosamine
Record TypeC
CAS Type 1 Name3-amino-2,3,6-trideoxy-L-lyxo-hexose
Registry Number26548-47-0
Related Number19196-51-1 (HCl)
Entry Term6,6,6-trifluoro-L-daunosamine
Entry Termdaunosamine hydrochloride
Heading Mapped to*Hexosamines
Previous Indexing* DEOXY SUGARS (81-82)
Previous Indexing DEOXY SUGARS (75-81)
SourceCarbohydr Res 37(2):381;1974
SourceCarbohydr Res 44:227;1975
SourceCarbohydr Res 49:309;1976
SourceCarbohydr Res 56:35;1977
Noteamino sugar moiety common to adriamycin & daunomycin; RN given refers to (L-lyxo)-isomer; see also ristosamine, (L-ribo)-isomer: 51869-30-8 & acosamine, (L-arabino)-isomer: 41094-24-0; structure
Date of Entry19750101
Revision Date20091112
Unique IDC007217

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