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phosphomevalonate kinase
Name of Substancephosphomevalonate kinase
Record TypeC
CAS Type 1 Namemevalonate-5-phosphate kinase
Registry NumberEC
Related NumberEC
Entry Term5-phosphomevalonate kinase
Entry TermATP-5-phosphomevalonate phosphotransferase
Entry TermERG8 protein, S cerevisiae
Entry Termmevalonate 5-phosphate kinase
Entry Termmevalonate-5-phosphate kinase
Entry TermMVAP kinase
Entry Termphosphomevalonate kinase, human
Entry Termphosphomevalonate kinase, mouse
Entry Termphosphomevalonate kinase, rat
Entry Termphosphomevalonate kinase, S cerevisiae
Entry TermPMKA protein, human
Entry TermPMKase, human
Entry TermPMKase, mouse
Entry TermPMKI protein, human
Entry TermPMVK protein, human
Entry TermPmvk protein, mouse
Entry TermPmvk protein, rat
Heading Mapped to*Phosphotransferases (Phosphate Group Acceptor)
Previous Indexing* PHOSPHOTRANSFERASES, ATP (78-93)
Previous Indexing MEVALONIC ACID (78-82)
SourceBiochem J 181(1):143;1979
SourceJ Neurochem 32(5):1531;1979
SourceMolec Gen Genet 154(3):269;1977
Date of Entry19780101
Revision Date20060426
Unique IDC022371

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