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ZBTB16 protein, human
Name of SubstanceZBTB16 protein, human
Record TypeC
Registry Number147855-37-6
Entry TermPLZF protein, human
Entry Termpromyelocytic leukemia zinc finger protein, human
Entry TermZFP145 protein, human
Entry Termzinc finger and BTB domain containing 16 protein, human
Entry Termzinc finger protein 145, human
Heading Mapped to*Kruppel-Like Transcription Factors
Indexing InformationZinc Fingers
Previous Indexing* DNA-BINDING PROTEINS (1995-2007)
Previous Indexing* TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS (1995-2007)
SourceBlood 1995 Feb 15;85(4):1083-94
NoteRefSeq NM_006006
Date of Entry19950315
Revision Date20070504
Unique IDC092037

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