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lipopolysaccharide-binding protein
Name of Substancelipopolysaccharide-binding protein
Record TypeC
Registry Number0
Entry TermLBP protein, human
Entry TermLbp protein, mouse
Entry TermLbp protein, rat
Entry Termlipopolysaccharide binding protein, human
Entry Termlipopolysaccharide binding protein, mouse
Entry Termlipopolysaccharide binding protein, rat
Entry TermLPS-binding protein
Entry TermLPS-binding protein, human
Entry TermLy88 protein, mouse
Heading Mapped to*Acute-Phase Proteins
Heading Mapped to*Carrier Proteins
Heading Mapped to*Membrane Glycoproteins
Indexing InformationLipopolysaccharides
SourceJ Exp Med 1989;170(4):1231
Notean acute phase reactant that may modulate the biochemical & biological properties of lipopolysaccharides in vivo; binds to the lipid a moiety of bacterial lipopolysaccharides (LPS), a glycolipid present in the outer membrane of all Gram-negative bacteria; The LBP/LPS complex may be involved in immune response by interacting with the CD14 receptor; amino acid sequence has been determined; RefSeq NM_004139 (human), NM_008489 (mouse), NM_017208 (rat)
Date of Entry19891101
Revision Date20040914
Unique IDC061257

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