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Biomedical Engineering
MeSH HeadingBiomedical Engineering
Tree NumberH02.070
Tree NumberJ01.293.140
Scope NoteApplication of principles and practices of engineering science to biomedical research and health care.
Entry TermClinical Engineering
Entry TermEngineering, Biomedical
Entry TermEngineering, Clinical
See AlsoBiomedical Technology
See AlsoElectronics, Medical
See AlsoMedical Informatics Applications
Allowable QualifiersCL EC ED ES HI IS LJ MA MT OG SN ST TD
History Note68
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD001698

MeSH Tree Structures

Health Occupations [H02]
Acupuncture [H02.004]
Allied Health Occupations [H02.010]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeBiomedical Engineering [H02.070]
Chiropractic [H02.110]
Dentistry [H02.163]  +
Environmental Health [H02.229]  +
Evidence-Based Practice [H02.249]  +
Health Services Administration [H02.269]
Hospital Administration [H02.309]
Medical Illustration [H02.385]
Medicine [H02.403]  +
Mortuary Practice [H02.438]
Nursing [H02.478]  +
Nursing, Practical [H02.495]
Nutritional Sciences [H02.533]  +
Optometry [H02.553]
Orthoptics [H02.573]
Pharmacology [H02.628]  +
Pharmacy [H02.646]  +
Podiatry [H02.696]
Psychology, Medical [H02.720]
Serology [H02.781]
Sociology, Medical [H02.790]
Specialization [H02.811]
Veterinary Medicine [H02.956]  +

Technology, Industry, and Agriculture [J01]
   Engineering [J01.293]
Bioengineering [J01.293.069]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeBiomedical Engineering [J01.293.140]
Chemical Engineering [J01.293.257]
Human Engineering [J01.293.556]  +
Optics and Photonics [J01.293.688]
Quality Improvement [J01.293.754]
Sanitary Engineering [J01.293.821]

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