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Diagnostic Techniques, Urological
MeSH HeadingDiagnostic Techniques, Urological
Tree NumberE01.370.390
AnnotationGEN or unspecified; prefer specifics; DF: DIAG TECHNIQUES UROL
Scope NoteMethods and procedures for the diagnosis of diseases or dysfunction of the urinary tract or its organs or demonstration of its physiological processes.
Entry TermDiagnostic Technic, Urological
Entry TermDiagnostic Technics, Urologic
Entry TermDiagnostic Technics, Urological
Entry TermDiagnostic Technique, Urological
Entry TermDiagnostic Techniques, Urologic
Entry TermTechnic, Urological Diagnostic
Entry TermTechnics, Urological Diagnostic
Entry TermTechnique, Urological Diagnostic
Entry TermTechniques, Urological Diagnostic
Entry TermUrological Diagnostic Technic
Entry TermUrological Diagnostic Technics
Entry TermUrological Diagnostic Technique
Entry TermUrological Diagnostic Techniques
Allowable QualifiersAE CL CT EC ES HI IS MO NU PX SN ST TD UT VE
Previous Indexingspecific technique (1966-1997)
History Note98; use explode 1975-97
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD003950

MeSH Tree Structures

Diagnosis [E01]
   Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures [E01.370]
Age Determination by Skeleton [E01.370.049]
Autopsy [E01.370.060]
Breath Tests [E01.370.100]
Clinical Laboratory Techniques [E01.370.225]  +
Diagnostic Imaging [E01.370.350]  +
Diagnostic Self Evaluation [E01.370.360]
Diagnostic Techniques, Cardiovascular [E01.370.370]  +
Diagnostic Techniques, Digestive System [E01.370.372]  +
Diagnostic Techniques, Endocrine [E01.370.374]  +
Diagnostic Techniques, Neurological [E01.370.376]  +
Diagnostic Techniques, Obstetrical and Gynecological [E01.370.378]  +
Diagnostic Techniques, Ophthalmological [E01.370.380]  +
Diagnostic Techniques, Otological [E01.370.382]  +
Diagnostic Techniques, Radioisotope [E01.370.384]  +
Diagnostic Techniques, Respiratory System [E01.370.386]  +
Diagnostic Techniques, Surgical [E01.370.388]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeDiagnostic Techniques, Urological [E01.370.390]
Antibody-Coated Bacteria Test, Urinary [E01.370.390.050]
Cystoscopy [E01.370.390.175]
Kidney Function Tests [E01.370.390.400]  +
Nephrostomy, Percutaneous [E01.370.390.550]
Ureteroscopy [E01.370.390.800]
Urinalysis [E01.370.390.810]
Urinary Catheterization [E01.370.390.820]
Urography [E01.370.390.830]
Diagnostic Tests, Routine [E01.370.395]
Disability Evaluation [E01.370.400]  +
Electrodiagnosis [E01.370.405]  +
Insufflation [E01.370.450]
Kymography [E01.370.475]  +
Mass Screening [E01.370.500]  +
Medical History Taking [E01.370.510]  +
Monitoring, Physiologic [E01.370.520]  +
Myography [E01.370.530]  +
Photoacoustic Techniques [E01.370.565]
Physical Examination [E01.370.600]  +
Plethysmography [E01.370.610]  +
Premarital Examinations [E01.370.620]
Psychophysics [E01.370.685]  +
Sex Determination Analysis [E01.370.701]  +
Speech Production Measurement [E01.370.760]  +
Xenodiagnosis [E01.370.985]

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