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MeSH HeadingGenetics
Tree NumberH01.158.273.343
Annotationthe discipline (education, history, etc) only; use GENETIC PHENOMENA or specifics treed under it for genetic processes and properties of organisms, or the qualifier / genet with specific anatomical terms, organisms, diseases, etc.
Scope NoteThe branch of science concerned with the means and consequences of transmission and generation of the components of biological inheritance. (Stedman, 26th ed)
See AlsoGenetic Phenomena
See AlsoGenetic Processes
See AlsoGenetic Structures
See AlsoHistocompatibility Testing
Allowable QualifiersCL EC ED ES HI IS LJ MA OG SN ST TD
Entry VersionGENET
Entry Combinationmethods:Genetic Techniques
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD005823

MeSH Tree Structures

Natural Science Disciplines [H01]
   Biological Science Disciplines [H01.158]
      Biology [H01.158.273]
Botany [H01.158.273.118]  +
Computational Biology [H01.158.273.180]  +
Cell Biology [H01.158.273.190]
Developmental Biology [H01.158.273.200]  +
Ecology [H01.158.273.248]  +
Exobiology [H01.158.273.295]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeGenetics [H01.158.273.343]
Cytogenetics [H01.158.273.343.180]
Genetic Research [H01.158.273.343.249]  +
Genetics, Behavioral [H01.158.273.343.290]
Genetics, Medical [H01.158.273.343.315]  +
Genetics, Microbial [H01.158.273.343.330]
Genetics, Population [H01.158.273.343.335]  +
Genomics [H01.158.273.343.350]  +
Immunogenetics [H01.158.273.343.420]
Molecular Biology [H01.158.273.343.595]  +
Pharmacogenetics [H01.158.273.343.750]  +
Radiation Genetics [H01.158.273.343.800]
Laboratory Animal Science [H01.158.273.368]
Microbiology [H01.158.273.540]  +
Natural History [H01.158.273.602]
Neurobiology [H01.158.273.610]
Parasitology [H01.158.273.688]  +
Photobiology [H01.158.273.738]
Radiobiology [H01.158.273.789]
Sociobiology [H01.158.273.866]
Synthetic Biology [H01.158.273.904]
Zoology [H01.158.273.943]  +

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