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Leucine Zippers
MeSH HeadingLeucine Zippers
Tree NumberG02.111.570.790.709.600.040.520
Scope NoteDNA-binding motifs formed from two alpha-helixes which intertwine for about eight turns into a coiled coil and then bifurcate to form Y shaped structures. Leucines occurring in heptad repeats end up on the same sides of the helixes and are adjacent to each other in the stem of the Y (the "zipper" region). The DNA-binding residues are located in the bifurcated region of the Y.
Allowable QualifiersDE GE IM PH RE
Previous Indexing Amino Acid Sequence (1989-1990)
Previous Indexing DNA-Binding Proteins (1989-1990)
Previous Indexing Molecular Sequence Data (1989-1990)
History Note91
Date of Entry19900529
Unique IDD016350

MeSH Tree Structures

Chemical Phenomena [G02]
   Biochemical Phenomena [G02.111]
      Molecular Structure [G02.111.570]
         Molecular Conformation [G02.111.570.790]
            Protein Conformation [G02.111.570.790.709]
               Protein Structure, Secondary [G02.111.570.790.709.600]
                  Amino Acid Motifs [G02.111.570.790.709.600.040]
Ankyrin Repeat [G02.111.570.790.709.600.040.030]
AT-Hook Motifs [G02.111.570.790.709.600.040.050]
Cystine Knot Motifs [G02.111.570.790.709.600.040.127]
F-Box Motifs [G02.111.570.790.709.600.040.205]
Helix-Loop-Helix Motifs [G02.111.570.790.709.600.040.360]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeLeucine Zippers [G02.111.570.790.709.600.040.520]
Proline-Rich Protein Domains [G02.111.570.790.709.600.040.752]
Zinc Fingers [G02.111.570.790.709.600.040.985]  +

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