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MeSH HeadingMagic
Tree NumberE02.190.901.411
Tree NumberI01.076.201.450.897.439
AnnotationIM; consider also WITCHCRAFT
Scope NoteBeliefs and practices concerned with producing desired results through supernatural forces or agents as with the manipulation of fetishes or rituals.
Allowable QualifiersHI PX
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD008273

MeSH Tree Structures

Therapeutics [E02]
   Complementary Therapies [E02.190]
      Spiritual Therapies [E02.190.901]
Faith Healing [E02.190.901.155]
Homeopathy [E02.190.901.249]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeMagic [E02.190.901.411]
Medicine, African Traditional [E02.190.901.433]
Meditation [E02.190.901.455]
Mental Healing [E02.190.901.500]
Occultism [E02.190.901.650]
Radiesthesia [E02.190.901.740]
Shamanism [E02.190.901.788]
Therapeutic Touch [E02.190.901.830]
Witchcraft [E02.190.901.968]
Yoga [E02.190.901.984]

Social Sciences [I01]
   Anthropology [I01.076]
      Anthropology, Cultural [I01.076.201]
         Culture [I01.076.201.450]
            Superstitions [I01.076.201.450.897]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeMagic [I01.076.201.450.897.439]
Witchcraft [I01.076.201.450.897.439.925]

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