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Mercury (Planet)
MeSH HeadingMercury (Planet)
Tree NumberG01.060.249.730.700.762
Annotation1st planet from sun with no moons; no qualif
Scope NoteThe first planet in order from the sun. It has no known natural satellites. It is one of the four inner or terrestrial planets of the solar system.
Previous Indexing Extraterrestrial Environment (1966-1990)
Previous Indexing Planets (1991-1994)
History Note95
Date of Entry19940607
Unique IDD018537

MeSH Tree Structures

Physical Phenomena [G01]
   Astronomical Phenomena [G01.060]
      Astronomical Objects [G01.060.249]
         Solar System [G01.060.249.730]
            Planets [G01.060.249.730.700]
Earth (Planet) [G01.060.249.730.700.200]  +
Jupiter [G01.060.249.730.700.412]
Mars [G01.060.249.730.700.625]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeMercury (Planet) [G01.060.249.730.700.762]
Neptune [G01.060.249.730.700.796]
Saturn [G01.060.249.730.700.831]
Uranus [G01.060.249.730.700.865]
Venus [G01.060.249.730.700.900]

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