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Musculoskeletal Physiological Phenomena
MeSH HeadingMusculoskeletal Physiological Phenomena
Tree NumberG11.427
Annotationgeneral or unspecified; prefer specifics; consider also MUSCLES / physiol & BONE AND BONES / physiol or / physiol with specific muscle & bone terms; DF: MUSCULOSKELETAL PHYSIOL
Scope NoteProcesses and properties of the MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM.
Entry TermMusculoskeletal Physiological Concepts
Entry TermMusculoskeletal Physiological Phenomenon
Entry TermMusculoskeletal Physiology
Entry TermPhysiology, Musculoskeletal
Allowable QualifiersDE GE IM RE
Previous Indexing Musculoskeletal System/physiology (1966-1997)
History Note2009 (1998)
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD009142

MeSH Tree Structures

Musculoskeletal and Neural Physiological Phenomena [G11]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeMusculoskeletal Physiological Phenomena [G11.427]
Bone Density [G11.427.100]
Muscle Fatigue [G11.427.550]
Muscle Strength [G11.427.560]  +
Muscle Tonus [G11.427.565]
Musculoskeletal Physiological Processes [G11.427.590]  +
Physical Endurance [G11.427.680]  +
Postural Balance [G11.427.690]
Posture [G11.427.695]  +
Psychomotor Performance [G11.427.700]
Range of Motion, Articular [G11.427.760]  +
Nervous System Physiological Phenomena [G11.561]  +

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