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MeSH HeadingPsychodrama
Tree NumberE02.190.525.781
Tree NumberF04.754.864.581.679
Scope NotePrimarily a technique of group psychotherapy which involves a structured, directed, and dramatized acting out of the patient's personal and emotional problems.
Entry TermDrama Therapy
Entry TermDramatherapy
See AlsoActing Out
Allowable QualifiersCL EC ED ES HI IS LJ MA MT OG SN ST TD
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD011577

MeSH Tree Structures

Therapeutics [E02]
   Complementary Therapies [E02.190]
      Mind-Body Therapies [E02.190.525]
Aromatherapy [E02.190.525.061]
Biofeedback, Psychology [E02.190.525.123]  +
Breathing Exercises [E02.190.525.186]
Hypnosis [E02.190.525.217]  +
Imagery (Psychotherapy) [E02.190.525.249]
Laughter Therapy [E02.190.525.311]
Meditation [E02.190.525.374]
Mental Healing [E02.190.525.500]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodePsychodrama [E02.190.525.781]
Role Playing [E02.190.525.781.653]
Psychophysiology [E02.190.525.812]
Relaxation Therapy [E02.190.525.875]
Tai Ji [E02.190.525.890]
Therapeutic Touch [E02.190.525.906]
Yoga [E02.190.525.937]

Behavioral Disciplines and Activities [F04]
   Psychotherapy [F04.754]
      Socioenvironmental Therapy [F04.754.864]
         Psychotherapy, Group [F04.754.864.581]
Couples Therapy [F04.754.864.581.136]
Family Therapy [F04.754.864.581.273]
Marital Therapy [F04.754.864.581.550]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodePsychodrama [F04.754.864.581.679]
Role Playing [F04.754.864.581.679.653]
Sensitivity Training Groups [F04.754.864.581.813]

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