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Self Care
MeSH HeadingSelf Care
Tree NumberE02.900
Tree NumberN02.421.784.680
Annotation= care prescribed by MD or generated by person himself & includes care for self, family or friends; differentiate from SELF MEDICATION (medication not prescribed by MD) and SELF ADMINISTRATION (admin of medication prescribed by MD or self admin of substances by exper animals)
Scope NotePerformance of activities or tasks traditionally performed by professional health care providers. The concept includes care of oneself or one's family and friends.
Entry TermSelf-Care
Entry TermSelf-Management
Allowable QualifiersAE CL CT EC ES HI IS MO MT PX SN ST TD UT VE
Previous Indexing Activities of Daily Living (1978-1980)
Previous Indexing Consumer Participation (1974-1978)
Previous Indexing Health Education (1966-1980)
Previous Indexing Patient Education (1966-1980)
Previous Indexing Patient Participation (1978)
Online Notesearch ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING 1979-80
History Note81; was see ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING 1979-80
Date of Entry19800519
Unique IDD012648

MeSH Tree Structures

Therapeutics [E02]
Acoustic Stimulation [E02.037]
Airway Management [E02.041]  +
Apitherapy [E02.046]
Balneology [E02.056]  +
Bariatrics [E02.065]  +
Bed Rest [E02.075]
Behavior Control [E02.085]  +
Biological Therapy [E02.095]  +
Blood Component Removal [E02.120]  +
Catheterization [E02.148]  +
Cautery [E02.154]  +
Chronotherapy [E02.168]  +
Clinical Protocols [E02.183]  +
Combined Modality Therapy [E02.186]  +
Complementary Therapies [E02.190]  +
Cosmetic Techniques [E02.218]  +
Cryotherapy [E02.258]  +
Decompression [E02.278]  +
Delayed Diagnosis [E02.288]
Directly Observed Therapy [E02.299]
Drainage [E02.309]  +
Drug Therapy [E02.319]  +
Electric Stimulation Therapy [E02.342]  +
Emergency Treatment [E02.365]  +
Endotamponade [E02.393]
Feeding Methods [E02.421]  +
Fetal Therapies [E02.467]  +
Hemodilution [E02.514]
Hemostatic Techniques [E02.520]  +
Hydrotherapy [E02.533]  +
Hygiene [E02.547]  +
Hyperthermia, Induced [E02.565]  +
Individualized Medicine [E02.574]
Insufflation [E02.583]
Intubation [E02.585]  +
Ischemic Postconditioning [E02.587]
Ischemic Preconditioning [E02.592]  +
Laser Therapy [E02.594]  +
Leeching [E02.596]
Lithotripsy [E02.600]  +
Magnetic Field Therapy [E02.621]  +
Mechanical Thrombolysis [E02.631]
Nutrition Therapy [E02.642]  +
Organ Sparing Treatments [E02.674]
Orthokeratologic Procedures [E02.706]
Orthopedic Procedures [E02.718]  +
Orthoptics [E02.730]
Pain Management [E02.745]
Patient Care [E02.760]  +
Patient Isolation [E02.770]
Phototherapy [E02.774]  +
Physical Therapy Modalities [E02.779]  +
Placebos [E02.785]
Preservation, Biological [E02.792]  +
Prosthesis Fitting [E02.794]  +
Punctures [E02.800]  +
Radiotherapy [E02.815]  +
Rehabilitation [E02.831]  +
Rejuvenation [E02.849]
Remission Induction [E02.860]  +
Renal Replacement Therapy [E02.870]  +
Reproductive Techniques [E02.875]  +
Respiratory Therapy [E02.880]  +
Retreatment [E02.887]
Rewarming [E02.891]
Salvage Therapy [E02.895]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeSelf Care [E02.900]
Blood Glucose Self-Monitoring [E02.900.100]
Self Administration [E02.900.890]
Self Medication [E02.900.900]
Sex Reassignment Procedures [E02.906]  +
Sorption Detoxification [E02.912]  +
Climatotherapy [E02.921]
Therapeutic Occlusion [E02.926]  +
Therapies, Investigational [E02.931]  +
Therapy, Computer-Assisted [E02.950]  +
Therapy with Helminths [E02.960]

Health Care Facilities, Manpower, and Services [N02]
   Health Services [N02.421]
      Rehabilitation [N02.421.784]
Activities of Daily Living [N02.421.784.110]
Rehabilitation, Vocational [N02.421.784.644]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeSelf Care [N02.421.784.680]

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