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MeSH HeadingAcidaminococcus
Tree NumberB03.440.425.410.096.020
Annotationinfection: coord IM with GRAM-NEGATIVE BACTERIAL INFECTIONS (IM)
Scope NoteA genus of gram-negative bacteria in the family ACIDAMINOCOCCACEAE, isolated from the INTESTINES of PIGS and humans.
Allowable QualifiersCH CL CY DE EN GD GE IM IP ME PH PY RE UL VI
History Note2004
Date of Entry20030709
Unique IDD045850

MeSH Tree Structures

Bacteria [B03]
   Gram-Negative Bacteria [B03.440]
      Gram-Negative Anaerobic Bacteria [B03.440.425]
         Gram-Negative Anaerobic Straight, Curved, and Helical Rods [B03.440.425.410]
            Veillonellaceae [B03.440.425.410.096]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeAcidaminococcus [B03.440.425.410.096.020]
Pectinatus [B03.440.425.410.096.755]
Selenomonas [B03.440.425.410.096.877]
Veillonella [B03.440.425.410.096.938]

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