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MeSH HeadingAcoustics
Tree NumberH01.671.031
Annotationin speech & hearing research & for the environment (home, hospital, facilities, theater, etc.)
Scope NoteThe branch of physics that deals with sound and sound waves. In medicine it is often applied in procedures in speech and hearing studies. With regard to the environment, it refers to the characteristics of a room, auditorium, theatre, building, etc. that determines the audibility or fidelity of sounds in it. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)
See AlsoPsychoacoustics
See AlsoSpeech Acoustics
Allowable QualifiersIS
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD000162

MeSH Tree Structures

Natural Science Disciplines [H01]
   Physics [H01.671]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeAcoustics [H01.671.031]
Ultrasonics [H01.671.031.849]
Astronomy [H01.671.065]
Biophysics [H01.671.100]  +
Electronics [H01.671.293]  +
Health Physics [H01.671.368]
Magnetics [H01.671.493]
Mechanics [H01.671.515]
Meteorology [H01.671.547]
Nuclear Physics [H01.671.579]  +
Optics and Photonics [H01.671.617]  +
Rheology [H01.671.808]  +

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