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Anecdotes as Topic
MeSH HeadingAnecdotes as Topic
Tree NumberK01.517.067
Annotationdo not confuse with Publication Type ANECDOTES
Scope NoteBrief accounts or narratives of an incident or event.
See AlsoNarration
History Note2008(1963)
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD000739

MeSH Tree Structures

Humanities [K01]
   Literature [K01.517]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeAnecdotes as Topic [K01.517.067]
Aphorisms and Proverbs as Topic [K01.517.116]
Bible [K01.517.172]
Biography as Topic [K01.517.211]  +
Drama [K01.517.333]
Literature, Medieval [K01.517.495]
Literature, Modern [K01.517.533]
Medicine in Literature [K01.517.584]
Mythology [K01.517.647]
Philology [K01.517.732]  +
Poetry as Topic [K01.517.781]
Wit and Humor as Topic [K01.517.946]

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