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MeSH HeadingAscoviridae
Tree NumberB04.280.045
Tree NumberB04.525.045
Scope NoteA family of insect viruses causing disease in lepidopterous larvae, most commonly from species of the owlet moth family Noctuidae. There is one genus: Ascovirus.
Entry TermAscovirus
Allowable QualifiersCH CL DE EN GD GE IM IP ME PH PY RE UL
Previous Indexing Insect Viruses (1990-2001)
History Note2002
Date of Entry20010725
Unique IDD029223

MeSH Tree Structures

Viruses [B04]
   DNA Viruses [B04.280]
Adenoviridae [B04.280.030]  +
Anellovirus [B04.280.037]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeAscoviridae [B04.280.045]
Asfarviridae [B04.280.049]  +
Baculoviridae [B04.280.065]  +
Caudovirales [B04.280.090]  +
Caulimoviridae [B04.280.092]  +
Circoviridae [B04.280.120]  +
Fuselloviridae [B04.280.224]
Geminiviridae [B04.280.350]  +
Guttaviridae [B04.280.362]
Hepadnaviridae [B04.280.375]  +
Herpesviridae [B04.280.382]  +
Inoviridae [B04.280.400]  +
Iridoviridae [B04.280.410]  +
Lipothrixviridae [B04.280.450]
Microviridae [B04.280.470]  +
Mimiviridae [B04.280.475]
Nanoviridae [B04.280.498]  +
Nimaviridae [B04.280.505]  +
Papillomaviridae [B04.280.535]  +
Parvoviridae [B04.280.580]  +
Phycodnaviridae [B04.280.600]
Polydnaviridae [B04.280.630]
Polyomaviridae [B04.280.640]  +
Poxviridae [B04.280.650]  +
Rudiviridae [B04.280.775]
Tectiviridae [B04.280.900]

Viruses [B04]
   Insect Viruses [B04.525]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeAscoviridae [B04.525.045]
Baculoviridae [B04.525.100]  +
Densovirinae [B04.525.150]  +
Dicistroviridae [B04.525.165]
Entomopoxvirinae [B04.525.250]
Iridovirus [B04.525.400]
Nodaviridae [B04.525.515]
Polydnaviridae [B04.525.630]

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