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MeSH HeadingAtlases
Tree NumberV02.150
Annotationthis heading is used as a Publication Type. Used by catalogers only. CATALOG: Use for collections of illustrative plates, charts, etc. and for items in which there are both illustrations and text, even when the text predominates, when the purpose of the text is to explain the illustrations. Do not use for geographic atlases or maps. Use instead the Publication Type MAPS
Scope NoteWorks consisting of collections of illustrative plates, charts, etc., usually with explanatory captions.
See AlsoCharts
See AlsoDrawings
See AlsoMaps
See AlsoPictorial Works
History Note2008(1999)
Date of Entry19980603
Unique IDD020466

MeSH Tree Structures

Publication Formats [V02]
Abbreviations [V02.025]
Abstracts [V02.035]
Academic Dissertations [V02.050]
Account Books [V02.060]
Addresses [V02.070]  +
Advertisements [V02.100]
Almanacs [V02.110]
Anecdotes [V02.115]
Animation [V02.120]
Annual Reports [V02.130]
Aphorisms and Proverbs [V02.135]
Architectural Drawings [V02.140]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeAtlases [V02.150]
Bibliography [V02.165]  +
Biography [V02.170]  +
Book Reviews [V02.180]
Broadsides [V02.200]
Caricatures [V02.225]
Cartoons [V02.235]
Catalogs [V02.240]  +
Charts [V02.245]
Chronology [V02.250]
Classical Article [V02.255]
Collected Works [V02.260]  +
Collections [V02.265]
Comment [V02.267]
Congresses [V02.270]  +
Cookbooks [V02.272]
Corrected and Republished Article [V02.275]
Database [V02.300]
Diaries [V02.305]
Dictionary [V02.310]  +
Directory [V02.312]
Documentaries and Factual Films [V02.315]
Duplicate Publication [V02.320]
Editorial [V02.335]
Encyclopedias [V02.350]
Ephemera [V02.355]  +
Essays [V02.365]
Eulogies [V02.375]  +
Examination Questions [V02.395]
Exhibitions [V02.415]
Fictional Works [V02.450]
Forms [V02.460]
Formularies [V02.480]
Government Publications [V02.500]
Guidebooks [V02.510]
Guideline [V02.515]  +
Handbooks [V02.520]
Historical Article [V02.530]  +
Humor [V02.540]  +
Incunabula [V02.545]
Indexes [V02.550]
Instructional Films and Videos [V02.575]
Journal Article [V02.600]  +
Laboratory Manuals [V02.605]
Lecture Notes [V02.607]
Legal Cases [V02.610]
Legislation [V02.620]
Letter [V02.625]
Manuscripts [V02.630]
Meeting Abstracts [V02.650]
Monograph [V02.660]  +
News [V02.665]
Newspaper Article [V02.667]
Nurses' Instruction [V02.668]
Outlines [V02.670]
Overall [V02.672]  +
Patents [V02.675]
Periodical Index [V02.682]
Periodicals [V02.690]
Pharmacopoeias [V02.695]  +
Photographs [V02.697]
Pictorial Works [V02.700]  +
Poetry [V02.712]
Popular Works [V02.725]  +
Postcards [V02.731]
Problems and Exercises [V02.734]
Programmed Instruction [V02.735]
Published Erratum [V02.737]
Resource Guides [V02.750]
Retracted Publication [V02.800]
Retraction of Publication [V02.825]
Review [V02.912]  +
Statistics [V02.925]
Tables [V02.930]
Technical Report [V02.935]
Unedited Footage [V02.940]
Union Lists [V02.945]
Unpublished Works [V02.950]
Video-Audio Media [V02.970]
Webcasts [V02.990]

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