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Barber Surgeons
MeSH HeadingBarber Surgeons
Tree NumberK01.400.552.053
Annotationusually in hist texts; check hist tags; DF: BARBER SURG
Scope NoteIn the late Middle Ages barbers who also let blood, sold unguents, pulled teeth, applied cups, and gave enemas. They generally had the right to practice surgery. They began to acquire importance about 1100, when the monks, who required the barber's services for the tonsure, also had recourse to them for blood-letting, a practice required by ecclesiastic law. By the 18th century barbers continued to practice minor surgery and dentistry and many famous surgeons acquired their skill in the shops of barbers. (From Castiglioni, A History of Medicine, 2d ed, pp402, 568, 658)
Entry TermSurgeons, Barber
Allowable QualifiersHI
Entry VersionBARBER SURG
Previous Indexing Barbering/history (1966-1995)
Previous Indexing Surgery/history (1966-1995)
History Note96
Date of Entry19950526
Unique IDD019024

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Humanities [K01]
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      History of Medicine [K01.400.552]
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