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MeSH HeadingBehavior
Tree NumberF01.145
Annotationhuman only; GEN; prefer specifics
Scope NoteThe observable response a person makes to any situation.
Entry TermAcceptance Process
Entry TermAcceptance Processes
See AlsoGenetics, Behavioral
Allowable QualifiersCL DE ES PH RE
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD001519

MeSH Tree Structures

Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms [F01]
Adaptation, Psychological [F01.058]  +
Attitude [F01.100]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeBehavior [F01.145]
Accident Proneness [F01.145.015]
Adolescent Behavior [F01.145.022]
Behavior, Animal [F01.145.113]  +
Behavioral Symptoms [F01.145.126]  +
Child Behavior [F01.145.179]  +
Codependency (Psychology) [F01.145.194]
Communication [F01.145.209]  +
Dangerous Behavior [F01.145.263]
Drinking Behavior [F01.145.317]  +
Drug-Seeking Behavior [F01.145.342]
Escape Reaction [F01.145.367]
Exploratory Behavior [F01.145.387]
Feeding Behavior [F01.145.407]  +
Habits [F01.145.466]  +
Harm Reduction [F01.145.477]
Health Behavior [F01.145.488]  +
Illness Behavior [F01.145.499]
Imitative Behavior [F01.145.510]
Impulsive Behavior [F01.145.527]  +
Information Seeking Behavior [F01.145.535]
Inhibition (Psychology) [F01.145.544]  +
Motor Activity [F01.145.632]  +
Personal Satisfaction [F01.145.677]
Reproductive Behavior [F01.145.688]  +
Risk Reduction Behavior [F01.145.699]  +
Risk-Taking [F01.145.722]  +
Self Stimulation [F01.145.775]
Sexual Behavior [F01.145.802]  +
Social Behavior [F01.145.813]  +
Spatial Behavior [F01.145.875]  +
Stereotyped Behavior [F01.145.896]
Sucking Behavior [F01.145.916]
Tobacco Use Cessation [F01.145.940]  +
Child Rearing [F01.318]  +
Defense Mechanisms [F01.393]  +
Emotions [F01.470]  +
Human Characteristics [F01.510]
Human Development [F01.525]  +
Mental Competency [F01.590]
Motivation [F01.658]  +
Neurobehavioral Manifestations [F01.700]  +
Personality [F01.752]  +
Psychology, Social [F01.829]  +

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