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MeSH HeadingBiobibliography
Tree NumberV01.165.150
Tree NumberV02.165.500
Annotationthis heading is used as a Publication Type. Used by catalogers only; works consisting of the biographical information of a person as well as substantial list of bibliography by the person. Biobibliography as a subject is indexed under the main heading BIOBIBLIOGRAPHY AS TOPIC
Scope NoteWorks consisting of biographical information as well as lists of the writings of those persons.
See AlsoBibliography
See AlsoBiography
History Note2008(1999)
Date of Entry19980603
Unique IDD020467

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Publication Components [V01]
   Bibliography [V01.165]
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   Bibliography [V02.165]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeBiobibliography [V02.165.500]

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