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Biohazard Release
MeSH HeadingBiohazard Release
Tree NumberN06.850.135.190
Annotationfor release resulting in disaster, coordinate with DISASTERS; for deliberate release of biological material, coordinate BIOHAZARD RELEASE with BIOTERRORISM; specify geographic location
Scope NoteUncontrolled release of biological material from its containment. This either threatens to, or does, cause exposure to a biological hazard. Such an incident may occur accidentally or deliberately.
Entry TermAccidental Release, Biological
Entry TermAccidents, Biohazard
Entry TermAccidents, Biological
Entry TermIncidents, Biological
Allowable QualifiersCL EC HI LJ MO PC PX SN TD
Previous Indexing Accidents (1970-2008)
History Note2009
Date of Entry20080708
Unique IDD055885

MeSH Tree Structures

Environment and Public Health [N06]
   Public Health [N06.850]
      Accidents [N06.850.135]
Accident Prevention [N06.850.135.060]  +
Accidental Falls [N06.850.135.122]
Accidents, Aviation [N06.850.135.185]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeBiohazard Release [N06.850.135.190]
Sverdlovsk Accidental Release [N06.850.135.190.500]
Chemical Hazard Release [N06.850.135.195]  +
Accidents, Home [N06.850.135.217]
Accidents, Occupational [N06.850.135.240]
Accidents, Traffic [N06.850.135.392]
Drowning [N06.850.135.696]  +
Radioactive Hazard Release [N06.850.135.848]  +

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