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Crime Victims
MeSH HeadingCrime Victims
Tree NumberM01.135
Annotationcoord IM with specific crime if pertinent (IM)
Scope NoteIndividuals subjected to and adversely affected by criminal activity. (APA, Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, 1994)
Entry TermVictimization
See AlsoViolence
Allowable QualifiersCL EC ED HI LJ PX RH SN
Previous Indexing Crime (1986-1996)
History Note97
Date of Entry19960613
Unique IDD019548

MeSH Tree Structures

Persons [M01]
Abortion Applicants [M01.050]
Adult Children [M01.055]
Age Groups [M01.060]  +
Alcoholics [M01.066]
Athletes [M01.072]
Caregivers [M01.085]
Child, Abandoned [M01.097]
Child, Exceptional [M01.102]  +
Child of Impaired Parents [M01.106]
Child, Orphaned [M01.108]
Child, Unwanted [M01.111]
Consultants [M01.120]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeCrime Victims [M01.135]
Adult Survivors of Child Abuse [M01.135.500]
Criminals [M01.142]
Disabled Persons [M01.150]  +
Drug Users [M01.169]
Emigrants and Immigrants [M01.189]
Famous Persons [M01.228]
Friends [M01.252]
Homebound Persons [M01.276]
Homeless Persons [M01.325]  +
Jehovah's Witnesses [M01.352]
Legal Guardians [M01.380]  +
Medically Uninsured [M01.385]
Men [M01.390]  +
Mentors [M01.395]
Minors [M01.416]
Multiple Birth Offspring [M01.438]  +
Occupational Groups [M01.526]  +
Parents [M01.620]  +
Patients [M01.643]  +
Population Groups [M01.686]  +
Prisoners [M01.729]
Refugees [M01.755]
Research Personnel [M01.770]  +
Research Subjects [M01.774]
Sex Workers [M01.776]
Sexual Partners [M01.778]
Siblings [M01.781]
Single Person [M01.785]
Spouses [M01.816]
Students [M01.848]  +
Survivors [M01.860]  +
Terminally Ill [M01.873]
Tissue Donors [M01.898]  +
Transgendered Persons [M01.909]
Transients and Migrants [M01.920]
Veterans [M01.930]
Visitors to Patients [M01.935]
Voluntary Workers [M01.955]  +
Vulnerable Populations [M01.965]
Women [M01.975]  +

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