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MeSH HeadingCrowdsourcing
Tree NumberL01.280.179
Scope NoteSocial media model for enabling public involvement and recruitment in participation. Use of social media to collect feedback and recruit volunteer subjects.
Entry TermCrowd Sourcing
Entry TermCrowdsource
Allowable QualifiersCL EC ES HI IS LJ MT SD SN ST TD UT
History Note2013
Date of Entry20120703
Unique IDD063045

MeSH Tree Structures

Information Science [L01]
   Data Collection [L01.280]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeCrowdsourcing [L01.280.179]
Geriatric Assessment [L01.280.360]
Interviews as Topic [L01.280.520]  +
Narration [L01.280.660]
Questionnaires [L01.280.800]  +
Records as Topic [L01.280.900]  +
Registries [L01.280.950]  +
Vital Statistics [L01.280.975]  +

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