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Dentistry, Operative
MeSH HeadingDentistry, Operative
Tree NumberE06.323
Tree NumberH02.163.180
AnnotationSPEC; SPEC qualif; to restore tooth function (filling, inlay, etc.); do not confuse with SURGERY, ORAL (surg ther of dis, inj or defects of soft tissues of mouth or of jaws); DF: DENT OPERATIVE
Scope NoteThat phase of clinical dentistry concerned with the restoration of parts of existing teeth that are defective through disease, trauma, or abnormal development, to the state of normal function, health, and esthetics, including preventive, diagnostic, biological, mechanical, and therapeutic techniques, as well as material and instrument science and application. (Jablonski's Dictionary of Dentistry, 2d ed, p237)
Entry TermOperative Dentistry
Allowable QualifiersCL EC ED ES HI IS LJ MA MT OG SN ST TD
History Note65; was in Cat E only 1972-79
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD003814

MeSH Tree Structures

Dentistry [E06]
Air Abrasion, Dental [E06.020]
Anesthesia, Dental [E06.045]  +
Dental Atraumatic Restorative Treatment [E06.070]
Dental Bonding [E06.095]  +
Dental Care [E06.170]  +
Dental Debonding [E06.178]
Dental Equipment [E06.186]  +
Dental Health Surveys [E06.208]  +
Dental High-Speed Technique [E06.216]
Dental Implantation [E06.231]  +
Dental Models [E06.261]
Dental Occlusion [E06.276]  +
Dental Pins [E06.292]
Dental Polishing [E06.298]
Dental Stress Analysis [E06.308]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeDentistry, Operative [E06.323]
Crown Lengthening [E06.323.115]
Dental Cavity Lining [E06.323.225]
Dental Restoration Failure [E06.323.400]
Dental Restoration, Permanent [E06.323.428]  +
Dental Restoration, Temporary [E06.323.528]  +
Dental Marginal Adaptation [E06.323.764]
Diagnosis, Oral [E06.342]  +
Electrogalvanism, Intraoral [E06.377]
Endodontics [E06.397]  +
Esthetics, Dental [E06.420]  +
Infection Control, Dental [E06.470]
Jaw Relation Record [E06.520]  +
Mouth Rehabilitation [E06.584]
Myofunctional Therapy [E06.603]
Odontometry [E06.623]
Oral Medicine [E06.640]
Oral Surgical Procedures [E06.645]  +
Orthodontics [E06.658]  +
Pathology, Oral [E06.685]
Periodontics [E06.721]  +
Preventive Dentistry [E06.761]  +
Prosthodontics [E06.780]  +
Surgery, Oral [E06.892]  +
Technology, Dental [E06.912]  +
Tooth Preparation [E06.931]  +
Tooth Remineralization [E06.950]

Health Occupations [H02]
   Dentistry [H02.163]
Dental Research [H02.163.090]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeDentistry, Operative [H02.163.180]
Evidence-Based Dentistry [H02.163.232]
Forensic Dentistry [H02.163.285]
General Practice, Dental [H02.163.342]
Geriatric Dentistry [H02.163.394]
Military Dentistry [H02.163.592]
Occupational Dentistry [H02.163.640]
Oral Medicine [H02.163.670]
Pediatric Dentistry [H02.163.700]
Preventive Dentistry [H02.163.721]
School Dentistry [H02.163.809]
Specialties, Dental [H02.163.876]  +

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