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Drug Dosage Calculations
MeSH HeadingDrug Dosage Calculations
Tree NumberE02.319.305
Scope NoteMath calculations done for preparing appropriate doses of medicines, taking into account conversions of WEIGHTS AND MEASURES. Mistakes are one of the sources of MEDICATION ERRORS.
Entry TermPharmaceutical Arithmetic
Entry TermPharmaceutical Calculations
See AlsoPharmaceutical Preparations
Allowable QualifiersHI
History Note2008
Date of Entry20070709
Unique IDD054796

MeSH Tree Structures

Therapeutics [E02]
   Drug Therapy [E02.319]
Antineoplastic Protocols [E02.319.077]  +
Chelation Therapy [E02.319.155]
Chemoprevention [E02.319.162]  +
Chemoradiotherapy [E02.319.164]  +
Chemotherapy, Adjuvant [E02.319.170]
Consolidation Chemotherapy [E02.319.218]
Drug Administration Routes [E02.319.267]  +
Drug Administration Schedule [E02.319.283]  +
Drug Delivery Systems [E02.319.300]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeDrug Dosage Calculations [E02.319.305]
Drug Prescriptions [E02.319.307]  +
Drug Therapy, Combination [E02.319.310]  +
Drug Therapy, Computer-Assisted [E02.319.335]
Electrochemotherapy [E02.319.341]
Enema [E02.319.347]
Enzyme Therapy [E02.319.353]  +
Fluid Therapy [E02.319.360]  +
Home Infusion Therapy [E02.319.444]
Hormone Replacement Therapy [E02.319.452]  +
Inappropriate Prescribing [E02.319.490]
Induction Chemotherapy [E02.319.499]
Maintenance Chemotherapy [E02.319.509]
Medication Errors [E02.319.529]  +
Molecular Targeted Therapy [E02.319.574]
Opiate Substitution Treatment [E02.319.620]
Orthomolecular Therapy [E02.319.630]
Photochemotherapy [E02.319.685]
Pleurodesis [E02.319.694]
Polypharmacy [E02.319.698]
Premedication [E02.319.703]  +
Prescription Drug Misuse [E02.319.754]  +
Sclerotherapy [E02.319.805]
Self Administration [E02.319.890]
Self Medication [E02.319.900]
Thrombolytic Therapy [E02.319.913]  +

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