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Enzyme Stability
MeSH HeadingEnzyme Stability
Tree NumberE05.916.360
Tree NumberG02.111.700.500
AnnotationIM for general only; NIM with specific enzyme (IM)
Scope NoteThe extent to which an enzyme retains its structural conformation or its activity when subjected to storage, isolation, and purification or various other physical or chemical manipulations, including proteolytic enzymes and heat.
Allowable QualifiersDE ES GE IM PH RE
Previous Indexing Drug Stability (1966-1986)
Previous Indexing Hydrogen-Ion Concentration (1966-1986)
Previous Indexing Kinetics (1966-1986)
Previous Indexing Temperature (1966-1986)
History Note87
Date of Entry19860325
Unique IDD004795

MeSH Tree Structures

Investigative Techniques [E05]
   Technology, Pharmaceutical [E05.916]
Chemistry Techniques, Synthetic [E05.916.039]  +
Click Chemistry [E05.916.079]
Dosage Forms [E05.916.250]
Drug Compounding [E05.916.270]
Drug Incompatibility [E05.916.290]
Drug Labeling [E05.916.310]
Drug Packaging [E05.916.320]
Drug Stability [E05.916.330]
Drug Storage [E05.916.350]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeEnzyme Stability [E05.916.360]
High-Throughput Screening Assays [E05.916.680]
Solid-Phase Synthesis Techniques [E05.916.840]

Chemical Phenomena [G02]
   Biochemical Phenomena [G02.111]
      Protein Stability [G02.111.700]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeEnzyme Stability [G02.111.700.500]

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