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Fish Flour
MeSH HeadingFish Flour
Tree NumberJ02.500.600.875.400.400
Annotationnot for "fish meal", which is indexed under FISH PRODUCTS
Scope NoteA flour made of pulverized, dried fish or fish parts.
Allowable QualifiersAE AN CL EC HI MI PO PS RE SD SN ST TO UT VI
Online Notesearch FISH PRODUCTS 1968-74
History Note91(75); was see under FISH PRODUCTS 1975-90
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD005394

MeSH Tree Structures

Food and Beverages [J02]
   Food [J02.500]
      Meat [J02.500.600]
         Seafood [J02.500.600.875]
            Fish Products [J02.500.600.875.400]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeFish Flour [J02.500.600.875.400.400]

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