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Health Resorts
MeSH HeadingHealth Resorts
Tree NumberN06.850.860.410.250
Annotationsanatoria & sanitaria (often used interchangeably) can go here but consider also HOSPITALS, SPECIAL
Entry TermResorts
Allowable QualifiersCL EC HI LJ SN ST
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD006294

MeSH Tree Structures

Environment and Public Health [N06]
   Public Health [N06.850]
      Sanitation [N06.850.860]
         Public Facilities [N06.850.860.410]
Airports [N06.850.860.410.054]
Bathing Beaches [N06.850.860.410.110]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeHealth Resorts [N06.850.860.410.250]
Swimming Pools [N06.850.860.410.500]
Toilet Facilities [N06.850.860.410.560]

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