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Industrial Microbiology
MeSH HeadingIndustrial Microbiology
Tree NumberH01.158.273.540.460
Tree NumberJ01.897.120.460
AnnotationSPEC: SPEC qualif; coord IM with specific bact, virus or fungus (IM) if pertinent; DF: INDUST MICROBIOL
Scope NoteThe study, utilization, and manipulation of those microorganisms capable of economically producing desirable substances or changes in substances, and the control of undesirable microorganisms.
Entry TermMicrobiology, Industrial
See AlsoGenetic Engineering
Allowable QualifiersCL EC ED ES HI IS LJ MA MT OG SN ST TD
History Note87
Date of Entry19860327
Unique IDD007218

MeSH Tree Structures

Natural Science Disciplines [H01]
   Biological Science Disciplines [H01.158]
      Biology [H01.158.273]
         Microbiology [H01.158.273.540]
Bacteriology [H01.158.273.540.177]
Environmental Microbiology [H01.158.273.540.274]  +
Genetics, Microbial [H01.158.273.540.367]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeIndustrial Microbiology [H01.158.273.540.460]
Mycology [H01.158.273.540.553]
Plant Pathology [H01.158.273.540.706]
Virology [H01.158.273.540.859]

Technology, Industry, and Agriculture [J01]
   Technology [J01.897]
      Biotechnology [J01.897.120]
Biomimetics [J01.897.120.100]
Bioreactors [J01.897.120.115]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeIndustrial Microbiology [J01.897.120.460]

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