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MeSH HeadingMutation
Tree NumberG05.365.590
Annotationdrug-induced mutation = MUTATION (IM) + specific drug with pertinent qualif (IM); radiation-induced mutation = MUTATION (IM) + RADIATION EFFECTS or specific rad term (IM); / drug eff & / rad eff permitted only for eff of drugs or eff of rad on an already mutated organism or after mutation but read text carefully
Scope NoteAny detectable and heritable change in the genetic material that causes a change in the GENOTYPE and which is transmitted to daughter cells and to succeeding generations.
See AlsoAntimutagenic Agents
See AlsoDNA Damage
See AlsoMutagenesis
See AlsoMutagens
See AlsoPolymorphism, Restriction Fragment Length
See AlsoSuppression, Genetic
Allowable QualifiersDE ES GE IM PH RE
History Note64
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD009154

MeSH Tree Structures

Genetic Phenomena [G05]
   Genetic Variation [G05.365]
Antibody Diversity [G05.365.036]
Antigenic Variation [G05.365.073]
Genetic Heterogeneity [G05.365.331]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeMutation [G05.365.590]
Allelic Imbalance [G05.365.590.029]  +
Base Pair Mismatch [G05.365.590.060]
Chromosome Aberrations [G05.365.590.175]  +
Codon, Nonsense [G05.365.590.195]
DNA Repeat Expansion [G05.365.590.220]  +
Frameshift Mutation [G05.365.590.265]
Gene Amplification [G05.365.590.310]
Gene Duplication [G05.365.590.320]
Genomic Instability [G05.365.590.335]  +
Germ-Line Mutation [G05.365.590.350]
INDEL Mutation [G05.365.590.500]
Mutagenesis, Insertional [G05.365.590.575]
Mutation Rate [G05.365.590.612]
Mutation, Missense [G05.365.590.650]
Point Mutation [G05.365.590.675]
Sequence Deletion [G05.365.590.762]  +
Sequence Inversion [G05.365.590.770]  +
Suppression, Genetic [G05.365.590.835]
Polymorphism, Genetic [G05.365.795]  +

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