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Nervous System Physiological Processes
MeSH HeadingNervous System Physiological Processes
Tree NumberG11.561.600
Annotationgeneral or unspecified; prefer specifics
Scope NoteBiological actions and events that constitute the functions of the NERVOUS SYSTEM.
Entry TermNervous System Physiologic Processes
Entry TermNervous System Physiological Process
Allowable QualifiersDE GE IM PH RE
History Note2009 (2007)
Date of Entry20060705
Unique IDD052778

MeSH Tree Structures

Musculoskeletal and Neural Physiological Phenomena [G11]
   Nervous System Physiological Phenomena [G11.561]
Brain Waves [G11.561.127]  +
Central Nervous System Sensitization [G11.561.148]
Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure [G11.561.170]  +
Chronaxy [G11.561.175]
Dominance, Cerebral [G11.561.225]  +
Evoked Potentials [G11.561.270]  +
Membrane Potentials [G11.561.570]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeNervous System Physiological Processes [G11.561.600]
Arousal [G11.561.600.042]  +
Axonal Transport [G11.561.600.085]
Habituation, Psychophysiologic [G11.561.600.360]
Higher Nervous Activity [G11.561.600.370]
Kindling, Neurologic [G11.561.600.480]
Nerve Regeneration [G11.561.600.615]  +
Neural Conduction [G11.561.600.620]  +
Neural Inhibition [G11.561.600.625]  +
Neuroimmunomodulation [G11.561.600.630]
Neuronal Plasticity [G11.561.600.635]  +
Neurosecretion [G11.561.600.640]
Reflex [G11.561.600.765]  +
Sensation [G11.561.600.810]  +
Sensory Gating [G11.561.600.812]
Sleep [G11.561.600.815]  +
Speech [G11.561.600.825]  +
Synaptic Transmission [G11.561.600.835]  +
Psychomotor Performance [G11.561.623]
Reaction Time [G11.561.677]
Refractory Period, Electrophysiological [G11.561.785]
Speech Acoustics [G11.561.820]
Taste Threshold [G11.561.840]

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