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Operating Tables
MeSH HeadingOperating Tables
Tree NumberE07.325.662
Tree NumberE07.858.421
Scope NoteA raised flat surface on which a patient is placed during surgical procedures.
Entry TermOperating Room Tables
Entry TermOperation Tables
Allowable QualifiersAE CL CT EC ES HI MI PS SD SN ST TD UT VE VI
Previous Indexing Surgical Equipment (1968-2010)
History Note2011
Date of Entry20100625
Unique IDD058638

MeSH Tree Structures

Equipment and Supplies [E07]
   Equipment and Supplies, Hospital [E07.325]
Absorbent Pads [E07.325.068]  +
Bedding and Linens [E07.325.137]  +
Beds [E07.325.220]  +
Examination Tables [E07.325.409]
Hospitals, Packaged [E07.325.473]
Incubators, Infant [E07.325.569]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeOperating Tables [E07.325.662]
Patient Isolators [E07.325.755]
Surgical Attire [E07.325.877]  +

Equipment and Supplies [E07]
   Surgical Equipment [E07.858]
Artificial Organs [E07.858.082]  +
Chest Tubes [E07.858.150]
Consciousness Monitors [E07.858.195]
Endoscopes [E07.858.240]  +
Nebulizers and Vaporizers [E07.858.400]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeOperating Tables [E07.858.421]
Orthopedic Equipment [E07.858.442]  +
Pessaries [E07.858.499]
Surgical Attire [E07.858.594]  +
Surgical Drapes [E07.858.642]
Surgical Fixation Devices [E07.858.690]  +
Surgical Instruments [E07.858.700]  +
Surgical Mesh [E07.858.708]
Surgical Sponges [E07.858.740]  +
Tampons, Surgical [E07.858.826]
Tissue Expansion Devices [E07.858.886]
Trusses [E07.858.925]

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