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MeSH HeadingProchlorothrix
Tree NumberB03.440.475.100.655.640
Scope NoteA genus of PROCHLOROPHYTES occurring in unbranched chains of indefinite length and containing both chlorophylls a and b.
Allowable QualifiersCH CL CY DE EN GD GE IM IP ME PH PY RE UL VI
Previous Indexing Cyanobacteria (1985-1997)
History Note98
Date of Entry19970620
Unique IDD019692

MeSH Tree Structures

Bacteria [B03]
   Gram-Negative Bacteria [B03.440]
      Gram-Negative Oxygenic Photosynthetic Bacteria [B03.440.475]
         Cyanobacteria [B03.440.475.100]
            Prochlorophytes [B03.440.475.100.655]
Prochlorococcus [B03.440.475.100.655.600]
Prochloron [B03.440.475.100.655.620]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeProchlorothrix [B03.440.475.100.655.640]

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