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MeSH HeadingSatiation
Tree NumberF02.830.749
Annotationhuman & animal
Scope NoteFull gratification of a need or desire followed by a state of relative insensitivity to that particular need or desire.
Allowable QualifiersCL DE ES PH RE
History Note73
Date of Entry19990101
Unique IDD012527

MeSH Tree Structures

Psychological Phenomena and Processes [F02]
   Psychophysiology [F02.830]
Appetite [F02.830.071]
Arousal [F02.830.104]  +
Biofeedback, Psychology [F02.830.131]  +
Blushing [F02.830.158]
Consciousness [F02.830.233]
Dominance, Cerebral [F02.830.297]  +
Habituation, Psychophysiologic [F02.830.422]
Lie Detection [F02.830.512]
Orientation [F02.830.606]  +
Reaction Time [F02.830.650]  +
Reflex [F02.830.702]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeSatiation [F02.830.749]
Satiety Response [F02.830.749.658]
Self Stimulation [F02.830.784]
Sensation [F02.830.816]  +
Sleep [F02.830.855]  +
Stress, Psychological [F02.830.900]  +

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