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MeSH HeadingAdipogenesis
Tree NumberG04.299.151.149
Annotationdo not confuse with metabolic process LIPOGENESIS.
Scope NoteThe differentiation of pre-adipocytes into mature ADIPOCYTES.
Allowable QualifiersDE GE IM PH RE
Previous Indexing Adipose Tissue (1968-2005)
History Note2006
Date of Entry20050630
Unique IDD050156

MeSH Tree Structures

Cell Physiological Phenomena [G04]
   Cell Physiological Processes [G04.299]
      Cell Differentiation [G04.299.151]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeAdipogenesis [G04.299.151.149]
Asymmetric Cell Division [G04.299.151.224]
Embryonic Induction [G04.299.151.300]
Gametogenesis [G04.299.151.650]  +
Hematopoiesis [G04.299.151.825]  +
Neurogenesis [G04.299.151.912]

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