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MeSH HeadingAlphaproteobacteria
Tree NumberB03.660.050
Scope NoteA class in the phylum PROTEOBACTERIA comprised mostly of two major phenotypes: purple non-sulfur bacteria and aerobic bacteriochlorophyll-containing bacteria.
Entry Termalpha Proteobacteria
Entry TermProteobacteria alpha
Allowable QualifiersCH CL CY DE EN GD GE IM IP ME PH PY RE UL VI
History Note2004 (2000)
Date of Entry19991103
Unique IDD020561

MeSH Tree Structures

Bacteria [B03]
   Proteobacteria [B03.660]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeAlphaproteobacteria [B03.660.050]
Anaplasmataceae [B03.660.050.020]  +
Bartonellaceae [B03.660.050.030]  +
Beijerinckiaceae [B03.660.050.032]
Bradyrhizobiaceae [B03.660.050.035]  +
Brucellaceae [B03.660.050.070]  +
Caulobacteraceae [B03.660.050.090]  +
Holosporaceae [B03.660.050.340]
Hyphomicrobiaceae [B03.660.050.350]  +
Methylobacteriaceae [B03.660.050.500]  +
Methylocystaceae [B03.660.050.512]  +
Phyllobacteriaceae [B03.660.050.600]  +
Rhodospirillales [B03.660.050.663]  +
Rhizobiaceae [B03.660.050.730]  +
Rhodobacteraceae [B03.660.050.750]  +
Rickettsiaceae [B03.660.050.765]  +
Sphingomonadaceae [B03.660.050.800]  +
Betaproteobacteria [B03.660.075]  +
Deltaproteobacteria [B03.660.125]  +
Epsilonproteobacteria [B03.660.150]  +
Gammaproteobacteria [B03.660.250]  +

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