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MeSH HeadingBilophila
Tree NumberB03.440.425.410.200
Tree NumberB03.660.125.087
Annotationinfection: coord IM with DESULFOVIBRIONACEAE INFECTIONS (IM)
Scope NoteA genus of gram-negative, anaerobic bacteria in the family Desulfovibrionaceae. It was originally recovered from infections in patients with gangrenous and PERFORATED APPENDICITIS. It is also associated with ABSCESS; BACTEREMIA; and BILIARY TRACT sepsis.
Entry TermBilophila wadsworthia
Allowable QualifiersCH CL CY DE EN GD GE IM IP ME PH PY RE UL VI
Previous Indexing Deltaproteobacteria (2000-2003)
Previous Indexing Gram-Negative Anaerobic Bacteria (1989-2000)
History Note2004
Date of Entry20030709
Unique IDD045282

MeSH Tree Structures

Bacteria [B03]
   Gram-Negative Bacteria [B03.440]
      Gram-Negative Anaerobic Bacteria [B03.440.425]
         Gram-Negative Anaerobic Straight, Curved, and Helical Rods [B03.440.425.410]
Fibrobacteres [B03.440.425.410.047]  +
Veillonellaceae [B03.440.425.410.096]  +
Anaerobiospirillum [B03.440.425.410.145]
Bacteroidaceae [B03.440.425.410.194]  +
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeBilophila [B03.440.425.410.200]
Brachyspira [B03.440.425.410.220]  +
Butyrivibrio [B03.440.425.410.237]
Chlorobium [B03.440.425.410.275]
Chromatium [B03.440.425.410.290]
Desulfovibrio [B03.440.425.410.350]  +
Desulfuromonas [B03.440.425.410.360]
Dichelobacter nodosus [B03.440.425.410.400]
Ectothiorhodospiraceae [B03.440.425.410.405]  +
Fusobacterium [B03.440.425.410.420]  +
Geobacter [B03.440.425.410.430]
Leptotrichia [B03.440.425.410.535]
Oxalobacter formigenes [B03.440.425.410.580]
Propionigenium [B03.440.425.410.600]
Selenomonas [B03.440.425.410.700]
Spirochaetaceae [B03.440.425.410.711]  +
Succinivibrionaceae [B03.440.425.410.722]
Thauera [B03.440.425.410.745]
Thermotoga maritima [B03.440.425.410.750]
Thermotoga neapolitana [B03.440.425.410.760]
Wolinella [B03.440.425.410.875]

Bacteria [B03]
   Proteobacteria [B03.660]
      Deltaproteobacteria [B03.660.125]
Bdellovibrio [B03.660.125.050]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeBilophila [B03.660.125.087]
Desulfovibrio [B03.660.125.125]  +
Desulfuromonas [B03.660.125.150]
Geobacter [B03.660.125.305]
Lawsonia Bacteria [B03.660.125.460]
Myxococcales [B03.660.125.500]  +

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