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Cape Verde
MeSH HeadingCape Verde
Tree NumberZ01.
Scope NoteThe republic consists of islands that are located in the mid-Atlantic Ocean about 300 miles off the west coast of Africa. The archipelago includes 10 islands and 5 islets, divided into the windward (Barlavento) and leeward (Sotavento) groups. The capital is Praia.
Entry TermRepublic of Cape Verde
Allowable QualifiersEH EP
History Note2009; see Africa, Western 1983-2008
Date of Entry20080708
Unique IDD055726

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Geographic Locations [Z01]
   Africa [Z01.058]
      Africa South of the Sahara [Z01.058.290]
         Africa, Western [Z01.058.290.190]
Benin [Z01.]
Burkina Faso [Z01.]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeCape Verde [Z01.]
Cote d'Ivoire [Z01.]
Gambia [Z01.]
Ghana [Z01.]
Guinea [Z01.]
Guinea-Bissau [Z01.]
Liberia [Z01.]
Mali [Z01.]
Mauritania [Z01.]
Niger [Z01.]
Nigeria [Z01.]
Senegal [Z01.]
Sierra Leone [Z01.]
Togo [Z01.]

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