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Cardiovascular Physiological Processes
MeSH HeadingCardiovascular Physiological Processes
Tree NumberG09.330.190
Annotationgeneral or unspecified; prefer specifics
Scope NoteBiological actions and events that support the functions of the CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM.
Entry TermCardiovascular Physiologic Processes
Entry TermCardiovascular Physiological Process
Allowable QualifiersDE ES RE
History Note2009 (2004)
Date of Entry20030709
Unique IDD045125

MeSH Tree Structures

Circulatory and Respiratory Physiological Phenomena [G09]
   Cardiovascular Physiological Phenomena [G09.330]
Capillary Fragility [G09.330.160]
Capillary Permeability [G09.330.165]
Cardiovascular Deconditioning [G09.330.175]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeCardiovascular Physiological Processes [G09.330.190]
Atrial Function [G09.330.190.075]  +
Blood Circulation [G09.330.190.163]  +
Cardiomegaly, Exercise-Induced [G09.330.190.281]
Hemodynamics [G09.330.190.400]  +
Myocardial Contraction [G09.330.190.541]  +
Neovascularization, Physiologic [G09.330.190.751]
Ventricular Function [G09.330.190.962]  +
Carotid Intima-Media Thickness [G09.330.210]
Hemodynamics [G09.330.380]  +
Vascular Patency [G09.330.920]
Vascular Stiffness [G09.330.940]

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