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Clinical Trial, Phase III
MeSH HeadingClinical Trial, Phase III
Tree NumberV03.200.300
Annotationthis heading is used as a Publication Type; for original report of the conduct or results of a specific phase III clinical trial; a different heading CLINICAL TRIALS, PHASE III AS TOPIC is used for general design, methodology, economics, etc. of Phase III clinical trials.
Scope NoteWork that is a report of a pre-planned, usually controlled, clinical study of the safety and efficacy of diagnostic, therapeutic, or prophylactic drugs, devices, or techniques after phase II trials. A large enough group of patients is studied and closely monitored by physicians for adverse response to long-term exposure, over a period of about three years in either the United States or a foreign country.
Entry TermClinical Trial, Phase 3
History Note2008(1993)
Date of Entry19950623
Unique IDD017428

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Study Characteristics [V03]
   Clinical Trial [V03.200]
Clinical Trial, Phase I [V03.200.100]
Clinical Trial, Phase II [V03.200.200]
Arrow pointing to current tree nodeClinical Trial, Phase III [V03.200.300]
Clinical Trial, Phase IV [V03.200.400]
Controlled Clinical Trial [V03.200.500]
Multicenter Study [V03.200.600]
Observational Study [V03.200.650]
Randomized Controlled Trial [V03.200.700]  +

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